You Can't J.Crew the Goth Out

Life can be a hard thing to endure, and even what you think are compartmentalized challenges tend to spill all over adjacent parts of life. Even in the attempt to adapt and rebalance, life still gets messy.

Music is supposed to make you feel something, and there have been feelings. Not always happy, and not always sad, but definitely that mixed-bag feeling of being profoundly alive and present and deeply connected. There’s freedom in accepting that sometimes what moves us is emotionally complicated and looks weird or stupid to other people.

Apparently, you can’t J.Crew the goth out of yourself, no matter how many pairs of sensible chinos are folded neatly in your closet. A part of me will always be that weird kid that…is forever drawn to music that lives in that blended space between the joy and pain of life. – Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises

I really enjoy when another small blog of someone I don’t really know but am connected to thanks to the one-degree-of-separation afforded everyone on the internet shows up in my feed reader and moves me. Music is one thing I always go back to when times get tough, and I’m happy when someone else puts that in words.

For the record, the record I’ve recently come to late and been spinning on near-repeat has been Royal Blood’s eponymous debut.

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