Just Start Any Way You Want to

There is one thing infinitely more important than ability, skill, talent, intellect, domain knowledge, or prior experience. That thing is just starting.

There are a lot of resources out there about how one should start, according to the author of the resource. Lean, MVP, 200 words a day, 750 words a day, any of a dozen research methodologies, any of dozens of planning methodologies, risk analyses. After a perfect morning routine, during a time block, during a Pomodoro, in a writing tool with backlinks, as a pitch.

Technique and precision don’t matter. The only thing that matters is to start.

I should define what exactly I mean by just starting. I mean activity that produces any tangible outcome. That definition does rule out certain things. Just thinking about a thing. Letting a thing simmer in your mental crockpot. That definition does allow nearly infinite possibilities in regards to activity, however.

The important part is to having something to show for your efforts, something you can return to, something you can show other people, something you can look at while you think, something you can point to while you talk. Some kind of snowball you can attempt to send down the hill.

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