2020 Year in Review Part 4

The Riding

I rode more in 2020 than I had in many years. I’ve ridden consistently over the years but this year was particularly good for riding. The family schedule cleared up significantly due to pandemic-related restrictions. Same for social calls. Working from home opened up more of the daily schedule for a quick ride. And over the summer I connected with my neighbor for regular early morning rides. In October, I finally was able to ride another century.

The Kitten

2020 was a rough year for everyone. Towards the end of it, I said to Carissa, “What if we got a cat?” Her jaw just about hit the floor. I’ve been anti-cat for most of my adult life. I’m allergic. But I do know from past experience that I’m not allergic to all cats. Long story short, we got a cat. A white Lynx Point Siamese. Siamese are one of the less-allergic breeds. There are breeds that are really free of the allergens, but they’re also $1000. No thanks.

Harley, named after his loud, frequent purring, has become the center of our family life. He was a rescue and a hot mess when we got him, with multiple ailments. But he has made a full recovery and is growing fast. No regrets. Most pictures are now pictures of Harley.

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