New Things

It has been a bit of a long road recovering from the hospital visit. Not really long, yet. Just slow. Last Friday, a full six days after getting out of the hospital, my hemoglobin was still below where it was when I entered the hospital.

I go back by the lab tomorrow for another blood test.

In the meantime, however, I redesigned this site. The original intent was to simply add a writing section but the redesign came along for the ride. I ripped out Tailwind, which I introduced in 2020. I did a lot of other stuff but it’s still basic, just the way I like it. I learned about Jekyll collections. I also got to use CSS variables for the first time, and they allowed me to very quickly implement an auto-dark-mode based on your system preferences:

:root {
  --bg: #fbf7f0;
  --text: #1d1d1d;
  --green: #515f00;

@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
  :root {
    --bg: #262626;
    --text: #fcf7ed;
    --green: #f0fff0;

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