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Your Calendar = Your Priorities. Unclear title, great post…

Humans are very good at filling up their work days with things that seem important. We’re pragmatic. When we encounter friction in one place, we “flow” to the next task. When we’re stuck, we figure out how to make progress. When there’s a problem, we want to fix it…and we’ll meet with anyone and everyone who can help. If we raise a flag, and nothing happens….we’re smart and make do.

Previously: This can all combine with the optimism and people-pleasing status quo of modern knowledge work contexts into a fairly toxic soup. #

I’ve encountered 10x more over-workers than under-workers in tech. And most of the under-workers were geniuses (coincidence?).

But time spent and pragmatism is not enough. High performing teams spend more time (and energy) on valuable things.

Previously: How can I find and create an environment where real value is created? Some things stick out already. If one is to do less, one must make sure what one is doing is of the highest value possible. #

What do/don’t I mean by valuable?

Valuable does not always mean “efficient”…

Value is not always certain…

Sometimes the most valuable thing you could be doing is nothing.

Previously: Something (your body, your mind, your other self) is trying to communicate with you, but you can’t read the words. “Lowering your standards” might just mean pausing, nonaction, meditation, a walk. A clearing-away enough to start to make out those words. #

How do [higher performing teams] do it? Why are they able to do it?

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