Linux Setup Update

…thanks for humoring me…

I was sad to no longer have Divvy to arrange all my windows, and was getting by with GNOME’s side-by-side window snapping. Then I found gtile! And I continue to forget it is installed and just use GNOME’s window management. I did remap win+up to full height instead of maximize. I like my text editor relatively narrow.

The other thing I struggled with was a Markdown previewer! I was surprised to find this lacking. I used Marked on Mac. I have Typora, which is great, but I still prefer a text editor for writing (because I’m old). Atom has a built-in Markdown preview but it’s apparently currently broken on Linux. VS Code has plentiful Markdown prevew plugins but the editor itself is just ok. I’m not sure what my beef is with it. And on Linux the menus flash a white box before they render which is a no go. My editor, Sublime Text, doesn’t have any good Markdown previews, and given how everyone is moving to VS Code I kind of doubt it will get one. I ended up installing the Markdown Viewer Chrome extension and it works great. Who knew.

Battery life is terrible, which I forgot to mention in my last post. I need to figure it out for next time. Not sure if it’s hardware or the OS. While I’m stuck at home it’s not a big deal.