Minecraft Maps

Tonight I saved out maps of my various single and multiplayer Minecraft worlds. (Maps link to full size.)

First, the map I’ve been playing for years, the very first map I ever played in vanilla Minecraft. I hadn’t played this map in a long time but recently started playing it again. There are glitches in the chunk/biome transitions from the version upgrades that were less-than-graceful, and I like the character it adds (sheer cliff faces, etc):

Second, the second vanilla Minecraft map I played, again years old but not quite as old. My intent was to start fresh but with more experience playing the game:

Third, my last singleplayer world, a modded instance. I actually intended to create an adventure map by hand in survival Minecraft. Not sure what I was thinking:

At Minecraft U, we typically reset our servers every year. I don’t have previous years’ maps, but here are this years’ creative and ComputerCraft survival worlds:

I’m a fan of maps in general, and the maps generated by Minecraft are definitely one of my favorite parts of the game. To get these maps as images I used the JourneyMap mod.

And some screenshots, first just the kind of random stuff that makes the worlds of Minecraft so interesting:

…and two screenshots from our Minecraft U creative server:

I just wrote up a summary of our year at Minecraft U if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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