I don’t check Twitter very often. I deleted my personal account almost two years ago, so I only have the MCU Twitter account to read Twitter with, and I only check it about every-other month (due to time and, honestly, a lack of interest) (also, the account’s following list is relatively indiscriminate).

But today some tweets were in the feed that encouraged me, especially as I struggle with burnout. The last three days I’ve struggled with severe pain in my neck, something I’ve never experienced for more than a few hours at a time. I finally went to urgent care today and they gave me a shot of painkillers which have helped me not be in constant pain.

Anyway, here are the tweets:

innesmck said


If you’re able to take time off for the holidays, it’s ok to do nothing. You don’t have to have a side project. You don’t need to get ahead on work.

Your portfolio might be important for you career, but so is rest, perspective and self-care.

linhtropy said

if you call yourself a writer/artist/content creator but 2017 was a year where you didn’t - couldn’t - create much, I’m here to tell you that it’s ok. it was a rough year for all of us and I hope you find your spark again soon

Good threads on both of those.

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