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The missing piece of a manager’s responsibilities:

It’s the core of what we do as managers, but it was so easy for me to overlook because the focus is internal. I call it, “digging deep”: owning your successes and knowing that you can overcome whatever challenges come your way.

How well you treat yourself, even internally, is going to be the core of how well you will be able to perform each of your managerial responsibilities.

…Another benefit of digging deep is that when you are comfortable with yourself, you can properly calibrate the concerns of others. And this is vital as a manager, when you are responsible for everything from mentorship to product launches.

For example, as a leader it’s easy to feel like people are constantly judging your every move. In reality, there are times when it’s real. There are people who think you can’t do the job or who think they can do it better. These aren’t inner critics, these are outer critics. Listening to, or concerning yourself with these people will throw you off your center. You can’t dig deep if you let these critics make you too afraid to fail.

Most leaders I know haven’t taken stock of what they are really great at. Perhaps because it comes naturally to them, they assume it’s natural to everyone. But chances are, they are a leader because of something special about them.

Lara Hogan on Engineering and Public Speaking:

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