Minutia and a New Danielsjourney

I took a few minutes over the weekend to redesign the single-page danielsjourney.com. The previous design was something I was really proud of and received a lot of attention, but its time had passed. This was also my excuse to check out Twitter Bootstrap, which I ended up not using (it is intended for web applications), and responsive web design which I knew a lot about but had yet to put into practice anywhere; and while this was a very simple example, it at least gave me the confidence of having implemented something.

Life has once again settled into a pleasant routine. School and the baby force us out of bed and Carissa and I take turns either holding Lucy or taking Penn to school. I get ready for and go to work.

Work continues apace, full of all the challenges I signed up for. Life-stuff continues to happen, refusing to stop long enough for me to contemplate boredom. The house is comfortable, pretty and always in need of repair.

In the evenings we have dinner together and then I hold Lucy while Carissa puts Penn to bed. Then she takes Lucy and puts her to bed, sometimes falling asleep with her. I’m usually not far behind.

I still make plans, as we all do. For this spring I’m hoping to do a few epic rides, continue work on my next record and finish a few other projects that have been hanging around for a while. Here’s a little teaser of that record. I’m cautiously hoping to have it out in the fall.

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