Slowly Opening the Can of Worms: Editors

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The Worms

The only thing greater than the number of text/code editors in the world are the number of developer opinions about them. There is the classic Vim/Emacs debate. There are constant comments about the languishing of the popular Textmate (and pigs-have-flown exclamations at its recent 2.0 release). There are so many editors and development environments, in fact, that I must stop mentioning them now or risk a never ending paragraph burdened with commas.


At Extra Sauce we are not only platform agnostic (we pick the best stack on a project-by-project basis, although we have some tendencies) but we are tool agnostic. Within the development team we are split between Emacs, Sublime Text and Coda.

We are all happy with our different tools for various reasons. So I ask this almost entirely due to simple curiosity: which editor do you use? Leave your reply wherever…we’ll see it.

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