Three Day Weekend

My first weekend off since July and not only is a three day weekend but the temperature just dropped by about 10 degrees. This morning on my traditional Sunday morning group ride we were all obviously stunned by the sudden feeling of not immediately suffering prior to any pedal rotations. I felt great and after a relative conquering of the hill loop the smooth (super rare in Dallas), flat road ahead inspired me and I had quite a fun time charging down the road at high speed. It was not lost on me at the time that I had a tailwind (a North tailwind, another rarity) …I just didn’t realize that it was a 20+ mph tailwind and that upon turning northward, my previous efforts would be rewarded with what might be considered a 17.5 mile climb back home. Fortunately I had a friend to draft off of for some of those miles but I still started cramping about halfway back. Now I’m in emergency recovery mode because tomorrow, when the temperature is supposed to drop again, I have every intention to do it all over again.

The real problem with a three day weekend is that everyone else has tomorrow off as well, so I can’t use the day to catch up on the pile of errands I’ve been accumulating all month.

The fact that I’m too tired to do much of anything notwithstanding.

I just noticed that this blog has been around for a year. Fitting that I’m getting ready to shutter it.

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