Two Crossposts Plus Plus

Spent the day hanging out with the boy. He and his mom let me sleep in, which was nice, and after coffee/breky/shower he and I left her to work and jumped on the train to Plano. No plan, just somewhere to go and excuse to ride the train. When we got off the train I spotted the Interurban Railway Museum, which was a huge hit. He could watch model railroads go for about forever. And the two retired guys running the place were awesome. This was also about the time, a few other families visiting the museum then as well, that I realized how awesome the kid is.

We then made our way down the street, stopping for drinks and candy, and into the magic shop for silly string, fake dog poo, and poppers. Then we went back to the train and headed back home.

There we put the poo in front of the door, rang and doorbell and ran. Mom was a good sport with the prank, as well as with the silly string in the backyard (pictures forthcoming). After that we worked on my bike, finally finishing (parts being finally procured) the task started way back when, i.e. converting the fixie to a single speed.

Then dinner and the usual nightly rituals. “Poot” flying and a recent addition, re-telling stories from the book shelf, changing each plot to revolve around farting.

And then the boy fell asleep. Out. Like. A. Light.

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