Just This Real Quick and Then to Work. No. Seriously.

regarding the post about art, I’m just saying, when you get into a pseudo-argument with the person you spend about 80% of your time with about the idea of people who “are not in it for the money” hanging their art up on every street corner and putting price tags on it and how there’s something wrong about that, and you use a phrase like, “conforming to the capitalist-‘artistic’ process” and they have no idea what you’re talking about…you have a long way to go before you effectively communicate what the crap you are talking about. Hence the “1-12” month mark for this polemic I’m writing in my head.

and that’s the easy, possibly-achievable part of the equation. the other part? i’m not even sure if it’s possible…

my art is having a huge midlife crisis. no. let’s call it a dark night of the (artistic) soul.

in any case, it is frustrating. i now have better words for this uneasy feeling i’ve been having for years, maybe most of the chapters written, but none of the chapters have their wrap up paragraph, those words that make you agree with what you’ve read even if you were entirely unagreeable for the entire chapter, and allow you to move on with any amount of comfort that what you’re consuming is worth precious neurological transactions.

and anyway, i have a record out, FFS.

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