“dedbtddy.exe” is a trojan installed by Love4Evar, Inc.’s “Prego” app, popular in the late 90’s and early 00’s. The “Prego” app was, among other things, supposed to free up resources on your computer so users could “focus on more important things.” “dedbtddy.exe” was originally a forgotten about and never- executed portion of the “ddy.exe” code, but at some point a nefarious developer compiled it into its own application and packaged it in “Prego”, hiding its execution behind “ddy.exe”, which would at a slow but ever- increasing rate ferry its requests to “dedbtddy.exe”.

“dedbtddy.exe” can effect the system in many ways, but its most common symptom is resource hogging and spawning new “Love4Evar” processes that steal directly from the original “Love4Evar” application installed by the user. Sometimes “dedbtddy.exe” processes exist at lower levels, not stealing many machine resources, but attempting to interfere with the process threads of more “productive” applications like Life, Happy, and Survive.

“dedbtddy.exe” is typically impossible to remove without removing the entire “ddy.exe” portion of the “Prego” app (which in turn is impossible to remove). There are a FEW documented cases of “dedbtddy.exe” removal from “ddy.exe”, but only by professionals and often involving hours (if not days) of sysadmin time. Sometimes users are able to install a new version of “ddy.exe” without the “dedbtddy.exe” trojan. Typically this “ddy.exe” ships with less features than the original, although without “dedbtddy.exe” performance is vastly improved.

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