This Guy Is a Total Wanker

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I left a comment on one of his pictures about his contradicting licensing. I wish I had kept the text of it, because he deleted it. I was withholding future wrath, hoping he had updated his license on flickr. He hasn’t. Take a look at one of his pictures. Look at the awesome text he superimposes over the image. Look at the caption. Look at the TITLE for fuck’s sake. And then he chooses a Creative Commons license through flickr. And I bring this problem to his attention. And he does nothing. Wang. Ker.

How do I know of this problem? Because I’m creating a public art project that pulls CC-licensed images from flickr and mashes them together. And I was served one of his (supposedly) CC’d images, and got AWESOME Copyright text across my composite.

There’s stupid like the Target cashier who takes a space-out break in-between customers when he has a huge line during Christmas time. Then there’s this.

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