If She's a Republican-well, No. You Shouldn't Date a Republican.

“I got a couple emails to my artwork website’s inbox from Japan. I can’t read any of it, so I don’t know if it’s just junk. I never get junk at that address.” I confessed curiously to DJ Huxtable while I drove over the I-8564578298 overpass on Scrimshaw pkwy.

“What an awful name for a street.” Hux belted, gazing past his reflection at the street lamp lit army-green street sign.

“What? Interstate 8 billion, five hundred sixty four million, five-“

“Scrimshaw, you dick. I should harpoon every whaler I can.

“…I think you’ve run out of ways to write the same thing over and over and over again, Crockett. You’ve got to get past that script, just find somebody to love. And conquer what makes it tough. If she’s got a boyfriend, then steal her from him. If there’s a language barrier, then learn the goddamned language, if she likes shitty movies then show her some good ones. If she’s a republican-well, no. You shouldn’t date a republican. Just stop being so goddamned picky, shake off the psychos and offer yourself to somebody worthwhile.”

from this mysterious entry by , who should do more of this sort of thing methinks!

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