When in Doubt, Go for Humor and Degrade Yourself

When in doubt, go for humor and degrade yourself.1

just got an email saying i was passed over for a slot at greenbelt this year. what a difference 3 years make. three years ago i got a slot at the performance cafe venue with a little demo i recorded on my korg home recorder. this year i have way better songs, recorded at pleasantry lane with salim producing, and i get rejected. now i have to decide if i’m really going to go to greenbelt or not. it’s such a good time and i get to see a lot of great people (although some i always feel like only tolerate me), but it was so crowded last year and will only be more so this year. with this recently developed minor agoraphobia, it might make for a really un-fun time. although the main reason i’m hesitant to go is because those are my only vacation days left for the rest of the year. i might just need to sleep that entire week. or build some software. anyway. someone else from my church wants to go so i’ll have to talk to him and see. i’d feel almost obliged to go then, since i’m the instigator for all things greenbelt/uk/alt.w.

also, i got another mass email from the former wife, with a rather extremely cute picture of her daughter attached. fun!

and my car’s registration is expired and i once again didn’t wake up early enough to make it downtown before work this morning. i so don’t have time for more bureaucracy in my life.

  1. Update 2023: I’ve lost the source for this quote. I googled it and this post was the only result. 

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