All Software Is Opinionated

Flummoxed By Frameworks

I just don’t get all these new-fangled programming frameworks. Is something wrong with me? Seriously. I have this grumpy, churlish feeling that I suspect is rather similar to the way SGML experts felt when they saw HTML becoming so popular, and that scares me.

People who’ve drunk the various kinds of framework kool-aid don’t make it any easier, though. “Oh”, they gush, “you should absolutely try Ruby on Rails! It’s so easy! It’s almost like writing regular English!” Which means they’re clearly on crack, because Ruby on Rails is so very different from a human-written language that the few ways in which it sort of resembles prose, assuming you look at it under a dim light through a heavily fractured fresnel lens, serve only to confuse me further.

…Basically, my nose is telling me that I’m up a putrescent watercourse and I lack a means of locomotion.

Why Frameworks Suck (redux)

All software is opinionated. In other words, if you use other people’s code, know why things behave the way they do.

Because frameworks have a syntax all their own…there is an inherent learning curve to them above and beyond the language it’s written in.

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