Vital Interactive Media-alternate Reality

Vital Interactive Media-Alternate Reality

In addition to music and audio, VIM is also involved in the development of dynamic media experiences known as pervasive ‘alternate reality’ games.

In these types of games, a dynamic online world is created, consisting of multiple websites, interactive characters, live phone numbers, emails, phone calls to the players, instant messages and realworld clues. It’s the job of the player to follow clues, respond to realtime challenges, and solve puzzles to progress in the story.

This is a very new, cutting edge genre that has attracted the press as well as earned an interested player base in the hundreds of thousands, with more interested every day. Gaming experiences have effectively been used for promoting games, films and television shows, as well as for corporate teambuilding and training.

The experience can provide additional story elements, run parallel to an existing storyline, or stand completely on its own, all the while building momentum and gaining the attention of players in a variety of demographic markets as well as the press.

With an effective stealth launch and no ‘official’ tie-in admitted to by anyone, the mystery of what’s going on adds to the fun and addiction for the players. In addition, this air of mystery inevitably leads to media coverage, as well.

Here is the entry point to a recent game. Start poking around and see if you can find out how deep the rabbit hole goes! Or, if you’d like a shortcut to more, click here.

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