VirtuQuest.Com: “Where Reality and The Internet Converge”

Pretty cheesy again, but from their about page:

VQC is an Internet Design Company specializing in tailor made Internet Adventures. These “NetVentures” can be based on any storyline desired to suit your needs.

NetVentures are designed as intriguing mysteries where participants help unfold the story. As a participant you search the internet for clues, use your intellect to crack coded messages, interact with real characters within the storyline, solve cutting edge technology based puzzles and communicate with other individuals that are involved in the mystery. The point of the adventure is to bring reality and real life interaction into the game. That is of ‘course, if it is a game?

A NetVenture is an integrated Internet experience where players participate in a story that unfolds through a series of Clues, Puzzles, Contacts and Research. Storylines can range from simple missing persons to corporate espionage. Players begin a NetVenture by being prompted to a web site via an Email, Fax, or any other way of communication. Flyers, Newspaper Ads and Billboards have been used for large NetVentures.

The fun in a NetVenture is the progression of events and information that a player discovers. By decoding a secret message or discovering a password to a blocked Internet node, players reveal story components to solve the NetVenture.

VirtuQuest can create an interactive Internet experience “Net Venture” for individuals or groups to participate and become part of the adventure. Through a wide array of interactivity, such as Flash, Shockwave, Java Script, Online Video, Online Voice Mail, fax machines, Personal Cell Phones, and even real life contacts / “dead drops”, participants will be immersed in an adventure story developed specifically for them.

Imagine being part of an adventure where you are the covert operative searching out mysterious contacts or being the first participant contacted by a secret informant with information about your adventure. Participants visit and search real Internet Web Sites, Data Bases and Message Boards to gain information in order to solve puzzles, decode messages or post information.

VirtuQuest designs NetVentures for all types of needs:



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