SWIM: Smart Web Information Management

under[de]construction present SWIM for public consumption</a>.

Despite yours truly having a temperature of over 100 for the last 24 hours, we’ve managed to get the SWIM site in shape enough to put the link for the download up there. We finished the 1.0 release last Friday and announced it to our email list. Now we have the license online, as well as forums, etc.

Check out the live demo/default template in action and/or log into the demo admin interface with user/pass demo/demo.

Or check out the forums (built on SWIM 1.1).

Or see features or screenshots.

Or just download the thing and install it on yer server. We purport a 30 second installation.

31 days late on about a third goal set [Mar 1]

This has been a long time coming. Creating and releasing software has been, once again, a longer-than-expected, oftentimes frustrating to the bone experience, even up to the last minute. But I am proud.

My fever and I are going back to bed now.

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