Link Love!

Wood links to Rob.

I comment there.

In case it’s not obvious, Rob is mostly a commentary on art. It’s a story about a play about a play.

Following the rabbit trail will answer some questions about WTF Rob is. The script is down that hole. I’m making sure the entrance to the hole is still open right now. Will fix it if it’s not. (Bit later: doh! Sorry! Fixing…try again a bit later…) (Later still: Ok, it wasn’t too terribly broken…there are actually four emails, the one that was broken was ancillary. …Oops still issues. Arg! I will resolve this and stop posting retarded updates here.) (Fixed!)

In case you haven’t seen it before, John Heron Project is also an experiment in alternative narrative. Wood was the first person I saw writing fiction to the web in what I call the “daily serial” format (or maybe I stole that term from him, I don’t know). I became engrossed in JHP and soon after began publishing fiction on my blog, little bits of the story at a time (Rob was published in this way, if you go back in the archives far enough you’ll find the original draft). (Rob is actually the oldest work I still make public at all; it was first a short story of mine in high school, written for my creative writing course, based on two words pulled out of a hat; later it was a play, written for my “French existentialism and the absurd” class at the UofA {I got an A-} {I can’t remember what grade I got in high school}; now it is both a play and a short story {the short story on my site is not the original I wrote in high school, the play itself is based on that short story}.)

Soon enough Wood and I began communicating (after I had linked to his site a couple times) (this was back before referrer spam!). Turned out that we had mutual friends in the UK. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2002 Greenbelt Festival (picture below; when I first published this picture to my site, I thought it cool to hide the identity of the mysterious author(s) of JHP), and saw him again during 2003’s (sadly I couldn’t make it last year).

I later gave up on the daily serial format. I found it too hard to follow as a reader. It was a good exercise, a great way to get stuff written. I’m not against it, and I may return to it for my own reasons later.



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