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I have definately had an interesting time of it…but now Elvis and I have this great relationship, we have been SMSing since he went back to Croatia, he’s really excited about being part of this project longer term, and tonight I had a random meeting with someone about the printing of posters, flyers, and tshirts, and we ended up talking for 2.5 hours about all kinds of shit, me talking his ear off about IR, and he actually getting it, only the second Bosnian I have met and talked to about IR, and who really connected with the concepts. Most of you don’t know, some of you do, but when you get me started on those topics I get really passionate and talk too fast, particularly if english is not your first language, and use too much slang and acronyms; besides it is a really obtuse and difficult subject in general. So for an American or Canadian or Brit to get it is one thing, but for a Bosnian, that’s another. And it is so great for me, at such a beginning stage of this thing, to be able to communicate the broader goals and vision of IR and connect with someone like that.

It’s cool that now, when things really matter, when I don’t have much time or spare energy to execute, things seem to be coming together. Thanks God. Sorry about everything. :)

Guess I’ll start talking about the art that’s made my summer tomorrow. Sorry for all the bullshit, but this thing is as much for me as it is for you. Hopefully you get something out of it.

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