At 5 the city retreats completely, it finds itself in the many cafes and restaurants, the streets empty of humanity, the gathering places busting with the same.

Got the rest of our stuff today and all I can say is we have a lot of shit.

One good thing though, the thing I couldn’t do without, is the music collection. I just listen to music now. Used to be just noise, sensory stimulation while doing something else. Now I just sit and listen. Just listen. Just absorb. Just enjoy. The notes wrap around my nerves, the words around my troubled mind. He felt that way too? She thought that as well? It is amazing they see that. That note there. That hook. Makes me want to keep living.

In moments of confusion and doubt, music is our best friend, greatest counselor. Musicians are the first and true prophets, teachers, friends. Props to the musicians.

Musicians are the only ones that can be known by many, travel the world, and still be living the simple life. Unless they just did it for the fame and money to start with, then they don’t fall into my category of musician anyway.

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