Songs that Wont Be Sung

I was cleaning out my songbook yesterday, removing the lyric sheets for songs I wrote afternoons long ago but which I cannot remember or would never play anymore…

An interesting observation of a predominantly trying-to-escape-from-evangelicalism-with-my-faith-intact journey…

Do something new with me

Do something new with me

Do something new through me

Do something new in me

Enough about me, what do you think about me?

Lord you are God

But how do I say that

Without seeming stupid


{never finished}

Insired by some Radiohead:

A word

we look for when i am king

we look for you are of no consequence

we look for you have no style

we look for i have the style pants

we look for connection

we look for separation

we look for things for

for which i must repent

That last one and this one are the oldest here. Definately inspired by my Evolutionary Psychology class:


People with agendas

People in control

People with intentions

People in the know


Eyes glazed over/abitious to death/defending their lives/with every breath/words so useless/shifting the blame/limping along/denying they’re lame/you have got me/i’m all wrong/why don’t you talk/to me for so so long/don’t ask me my opinion/just to shoot me down/the truth you speak it/is such a loud loud sound/exchange stroke for stroke/don’t go down in the count/your darwinian identity/is without any doubt/i don’t hurt you/you don’t hurt me/our selfishness/results in anarchy


No title, just can’t find the electronic copy anywhere so I want to preserve this verse here. I’m pretty sure this never got put to music:

Beautiful things come about upon the inspiration of beauty

To behold a piece of beauty struggling to stay alive in this war worn land

Is indeed the purest and deepest source of courage

This is another classic one, so …blunt:

A jilted lover is the world {loved that title!}

Get the job to make the money

To impress the girls to get the wife

To buy the house to have the kids

Now stay at the job and ruin your life

Slave to the system/Driving like a piston

Take another hit of what you think is livin’

Wanna drive a beamer/take trips on a steamer

All you have become is one big schemer

Now to the world you’ve shown/yours is the biggest dome

But what is a house if it never is a home?

There are two things you can’t put a price on: my dignity and my health/But I know who controls my life while you just have to play the hand you’re dealt/So don’t assume that I am one of you, doing all those things that blind men do/You’re no judge of affect, so go wallow in your own self, just leave me alone/Can I, will I pray for you?/Maybe once before I go/Maybe then it will show/What it is in my eyes that scares you to death/You’ve never been able to read me, but maybe now you will see me…as I go…

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