Aha My Hosting Company Did Go Out of Biz

but they’ve been bought. here’s hoping nothing goes heywire in the switchover and my prices don’t increase.

Update: Here’s a reliable source on what happened. I’m a little behind on the drama! Apparently the owner has lost his mind a little bit. I was getting wind of some troubles, but with the move and the funeral I didn’t have time to worry about it. Besides my email being very slow to connect and apparently bouncing a lot of emails (not a bad thing in the spam-control deptartment anyway), I haven’t had a problem except for about 3 days of downtime about a month ago.

Also it does look like my prices will increase.

Update II: Oh well now the sites are down. Isn’t that special….of course if you can read this then the problem has been fixed one way or another…

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