Buildings Around Town


Notice how people are living with burned-out floors above and below them. Today we had lunch with a family who has exactly that problem, and every time it rains, there are leaks from the floor above, which has no windows or anything to keep out the weather. People can only retake their apartments and rebuild them as money and social mobility allow (remember some are refugees stuck in other countries, or unwilling to return for any number of reasons I won’t go into now).

This was/is the offices of the biggest Sarajevo daily, Oslobodjenie (sp?) (“freedom”). They continued to run the paper throughout the entire seige, from the basement of this very building (I’m going from memory atm, feel free to correct me).

This is from a building that was built just before the war as a retirement home, but before anyone could move in the war began, and no one has taken on the task of rebuilding it.

Just so you don’t think everywhere is like…that…here is a shot of a new building in the same vicinity as the rest…

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