The Big Show Last Night

Last night at IOTA was the big local boys done good gone on tour and come back to play one big night back home.

Paul Casey fucking fooking rocked the house, an unbelievable talent from the island famous for just such…definately check him out.

Next up was me frrend John Athayde and Rotoscope. He told me they were going to be loud, and he was right! Glad I snagged one of the last pairs of earplugs out of the free dispenser. (And major kudos to IOTA for having such a thing.) End with the hits, I said, and sure enough, they finished their set with all the hooks money could buy (or John is blessed with, as the case may be). This morning I woke up with Watershed (mp3) going through my head (but not the na na na part, believe it or not). Something about a falsetto that just keeps going higha and higha makes a song stick in yer head.

Last up was the mob boss of the arlington music scene, Mike Holden. Very rockin’ with a full band I must say.

Pictures below are crops (inspired by hunkabutta) that link to a full version. Captions hidden in the alt text (hover over the pic for a sec to see them).

paul casey rocks the house with mad guitar skills

of course being irish he sing like a wee angel

what is a rotoscope again?

can you say 'sax on the beach'?

earnest. very earnest

full band

flash (and filters)

movin to the mic

hey man just taking your picture no need for the evil eye

hey sorry i didn't mean to blind you on this one. i thought i had turned _off_ the flash, but i was pretty buzzed. anyway here's the result

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