Tonight I went to a concert by THE central Penn band, the Badlees. I also caught some great ~opening~ acts. You must read the rest of this entry. :)

I love living walking distance from one of the greatest Americana clubs ever, IOTA. Tonight was the Badless and I had been looking forward to seeing them for some time. Last time I saw them, I think, was 1993.

I also caught Bree Sharp, whose only fault in this world is looking exactly like Britney fucking Spears. Except Bree here? She rocks. She has a song, America, check the lyrics (I’m also providing an mp3 in blatant copyright infringement but I know most of you reading will have no chance to hear this music…and you WILL buy these records…no pressure). But little did I know until I got home and dropped the CD in the player that this is the David Duchovny song chick! Awesome! Ha ha! I have no idea where, when, or how I’ve heard that song in the past but I have. The above pic is the only one here that isn’t mine, just FYI in case you couldn’t tell ha ha.

So, the Badlees ended with a song I was going to request (in a loud voice) at some point, but fortunately even without said request they played I Liked You Better When You Hated Yourself, with a nice story told right in the middle of the song. Rock n effin Roll my friend. Rock n Roll.

Then I walked home.

And here we are writing this.

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