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If you’re looking for a reason to give: need another web host account (~120 clams/year), two more domain names (~50), and to register my non-profit (~500). Then my plans for the world can begin to take shape. :)

In other good news, I sold one golf shirt to some cool friends! Can’t wait to see it around. :)

Related to all this, the other day after I talked for a few seconds about what I do with my days, somebody said to me, “You are really living the artist’s lifestyle, aren’t you?” Now, first, we won’t even begin to look at the stab this is to all artists and artistry as a lifestyle or livelihood. But the issue isn’t what I do, it’s that at present these things do not fit into our existing economy. While I have some potential products in the fire right now, nothing I currently do provides me an income. Boo hoo. So is that still how we judge our worth? I have the opportunity right now to pursue my dream of being a sustainable artist and integrator (more on this term later).

I found some seeds in the back of the old shed and now i’m starting to push them into the ground. I’ll have to water them like crazy, go out there every day and monitor their progress, pull weeds, fertilize just the right amount (not too much). And hopefully when they grow into plants the rabbits don’t come by and chew them all up! (But hopefully I’ll get by without fences.)

This is a thread that is about to really come out in full force. Again, more later. In the meantime, here are some older (but not too old) thoughts.

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