the demon of murder comes to feed all the dark spirits with fear.

fear grips a city and pushes out all other affects. it brings you to a halt. it keeps your mind far away from the quiet and the peace.

your fear of losing love pushes you away from Love. Love seems so far away. Love, You can’t be close enough. You could show up in this room and hold me in your arms all afternoon and I’m not sure that would be enough.

did you know that during the siege of Sarajevo, it was popular sport with many europeans to join the serbians in the hills above the city and shoot at the bosnians running from building to building?

Voices From Sarajevo

Zones of Separation note to self: go see this when in Boston Zones of Separation - Images and Text all found on the friends of bosnia dot org site

to live, not just survive:

Unless you have had the experience, it is very difficult to comprehend what it means to live under a state of siege. To be besieged becomes not only a matter of physical danger and limitation; it also entails a special state of mind. The siege of Sarajevo, in particular, involved terror of a scale and sophistication possible only at the end of the twentieth century. There was no safe zone. The hills around the city were filled with a wide range of heavy and light arms. Sarajevans were constantly exposed to sniper fire and shelling – on the street, at school, in the park, at home, in the hospital, at houses of worship. You had to accept the fact that you were, at any time, being watched and controlled and that you might be vulnerable to sniper fire. And if you as a reader are to gain a grasp of the experience, you must try to see from this perspective and apply your feeling. more…

FAMA Sarajevo survival map: I saw this map in class a couple of weeks ago. That’s how I knew about the European’s “sport shooting” Bosnians during the seige. Sarajevo survival map legend

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