life is so busy right now

taught this week, received new contract (technical side) teaching next week maybe teaching the week of christmas!

got picked to co-author a new book got contract for that this week deadlines at the end of January

organized pot-luck Christmas liturgy have to put together my material for that

put together my contrib to a birthday present and it took about 6 hours

building an entire new website, managing two new webspaces, and adding tons of content to danielsjourney tons of pictures scanned from last europe trip, san fran trip, hate mail show, and people (3) for whom i did photoshoots last weekend plus old people shots

applying for big grant which really fits my vision for art and social action, but have tons of competition important for the grant chances but also for myself to really pin down my recent visions about the role of my life in social action and activism, community building, and art

still pursuing a music project that will mesh my recent songwriting with dance styles and dynamic vocals still recording the songs themselves for the first stage of this project to begin still trying to play out at open mics whenever possible to at least be up there and warm up these songs in front of people

still spending QT with Miriam still reading lots still watching lots of foreign films

still praying sporatically

still believing

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