East District

The central street of the east district was slick like a runny nose on a toddler.

Easter Eggs

...the way couldn't be written down, there was no map, this was uncharted territory...but we were headed for the horizon

The Island

Naomi's small house held mostly paper. Books lined the walls and stood in piles in the corners and by chairs. Papers lined the desk and the floor around the desk. The desk itself, a metal desk from the 50s, took up an entire quadrant of the main living area.

Kipper Vam Beethoven

No one considers the downside of being immortal.

Joseph and the Poets

"The roold breaks erryone," he said.

Funhouse of Music

The house was crooked. Its paint, whatever was left of it, was of mysterious original coloration. The entire thing was made of wood, wood that creaked underfoot, creaked in the wind, creaked when the sounds and reverberations came from within it.

Abuse of Power

The next morning his dad was sitting at the small kitchen table huddled over his coffee, hands shaking, bags under his eyes. He motioned Andy over. Andy's heart raced as he took each fearful step. As he got closer, his father picked up a pocket knife off the table and held it out to Andy.

The Antipocalypse

Post-apocalyptic? It's been so anti-climactic, though. What happened to the skies on fire, dragons, and white horses? So the average temperature has gone up 30 degrees. I wanted the fire and brimstone falling from the sky, not creeping up at me from the equator.

...Wrecks Art Exhibit: Trickster Makes This World and the Role of Art in a Spiritual Life

...what is the deal with art? Why does it elicit such strong opinion, particularly negative opinion? Why are so many people offended by so much art? Why are things that, when experienced in day to day life, are no big deal, but when highlighted in artistic expression become reason for violent reaction?

Resonant Girl

Skate’s body resonated. Whenever music played, her whole body vibrated like a giant organic subwoofer. When a car drove by, buzzing a bass line for the whole neighborhood to enjoy, Skate would rattle more than their rear windshield.

My New Church

This is my new church.

Micha's Story

The tape, the CCTV tape, black and white and out of focus on the mini TV in the closet-sized office of strip mall security, shows a middle-aged woman talking with her hands to the young sales clerk behind the counter. He looks like she might as well have her hands crushed around his balls. He nervously rolls on his feet. A transaction takes place. She leaves.

Passion 2001

Jesus came to town with a small band of devotees, after making a pilgrimous journey from Vegas.

Christmas 2001

I remember Mary and Joseph. They were a nice couple. It took Joseph forever to finally pop the question.